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IMPORTANT: Allways Check that you have the latest version. Prior versions stop working due to recent ebay changes.

1. General FAQs (Related to all our products - start here)
2. EBgo Sniper FAQs
3. EBgo Break Even FAQs
4. EBgo Windows CD Key Extractor

1. General FAQs (Related to all our products - read this first):

Q. I have problems registering.

A. You must complete two steps. First, Register your software online providing your payment information (A welcome email including a transaction ID was auto - sent to you when you purchased your license. Check you paypal email address) , if your paypal transaction ID match our records your license will be auto-activated inmediately. The second step, put the activation code received after registration in the software welcome screen.

Q. I tried to install the latest version but received a code 5 (access denied) error.

A. The software is still running, just exit or uninstall it first.

Q. I've installed your Sniper and/or Break even on another PC, the one I was using has a hard disk problem. I've pasted the activation code but the program is still showing as unregistered even after a restart.

A. EBgo Software needs a unique activation code for each Serial, if you reformated your disk, or moved the software to another computer then you should have a new serial and you will need a matching activation code. You can request a new instant activation code clicking here.

2. EBgo Sniper FAQs

Q. The software seems to be registered, i set a snipe but bid was not placed.

A. This usually happen when the bid is placed after the auction close, or when your login and password was wrong. Try setting the snipe time (in the setup windows) to at least 1 minute. After your first snipe, check results and adjust to fit your connection and computer speed. See image 1.

Q.- How can i test if all is ready to snipe?

A.- Place a bid (not snipe) from EBgo sniper, if the bid is placed then you are ready to snipe. You could place test bids on starting auctions with very low prices, this will enshure that you don't end with a non wanted item. Test items example: TREO 600 PHONE UNLOCKED US$ 0.99

Q. How do i know if my license is activated ?

A. If your license was not activated yet you will see a "not activated" message in the welcome screen. See image 2.

Q. The watching windows are not showing the items descriptions and the ebay time is incorrect.

A. If you are using the software from a country with different date format than US, check your windows date format in the international settings, and adjust it to US date format. Specially the long date format.

Q. The minibrowser windows opened and stoped on the confirm page. Do i have to click the confirm button?

A. Don't manipulate the minibrowser windows or you could stop the bid process. The minibrowser windows should open about 1 minute before the auction end, and stops on the confirm page until the exact time is reached. Then the confirm button is autopressed. Just wait and relax !


3. EBgo Break Even FAQs

Q. I bought EBgo Break Even But my copy still runs as unregistered, why? .

A. A welcome email including a transaction ID was auto - sent to you when you purchased your license, use this trasaction id to register your copy (clicking the register button) and receive your activation code inmediately.


4. EBgo CD Key Extractor FAQs

Q. Can i extract the Key from the installation CD? .

A. No.

Q. Windows needs to be installed to extract the Key? .

A. Yes .

Q. Nothing happen when i try to change my windows XP Key .

A. EBgo CD Key Extractor is not a Cracking tool, The change function will only work with VALID - LEGAL keys.

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